14 08 2011

Hey, one day I was just sat on my sofa with lots of random thoughts in my head about my life and the way I live it as well as what goes on around me. This blog is my way of expressing those thoughts whilst keeping them Anonymous. I don’t know how long I will do this I might not even write anything but I need to have a place were I can write how I feel. I’m not doing this to get people to read my blog but for myself to feel free from my thoughts. That being said if you want to read then that’s OK but don’t expect anything amazing 🙂

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are” ~ Kurt Cobain




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21 08 2011

Hey, I am Isabella and I read a couple of your blog posts. I am a student in high school who just wants to talk to somebody she doesn’t know, but still can be understanding. Would you be troubled if I would pop up with really emotional questions every now and then? Thanks:)


21 08 2011

Hey there! I don’t really know if you check this blog anymore, but what the heck? Anyway, I just wanted to say that it’s fine if you’re 20 and you’ve never really had a real boyfriend. I think it’s perfectly normal. It’s not that easy to find the perfect guy for you. Just think about it, there are how many millions of guys out there in the world? How are you supposed to find your soul mate in a mere 20 or so years? So, don’t give up and keep on trying!


I am on a search for a “blog buddy”. Someone who will listen to all my problems without a doubt and give their opinion and support. Thanks:)

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